A fight with a dear friend

A few days ago, I am having a great fight with a dear friend.
The fight ended with her seeing no value in our friendship anymore.
It’s a fight regarding her life choices.

Yes. The choice is in her hand.
I find myself trying to influence her decision.
Trying to make her believe that it is a wrong path she could make.

After the discussion has ended. I questioning back on what I’ve done before and what I could do better to show her that I care.

There is a very good question she is questioning me. She asked me: “Why do you care so much about me?”. I gave her a lot of answers and I believe that she too realize that it is a stupid answer. Then, I kept asking myself the question over and over again. Why do I care a lot for some people but no to others? Why do I do what I did?

After all, all us human want is happiness. We make a decision based on whether we will be happy or not. What is the best life choices I could make to ensure that I have fulfillment in my life? How to decide what kind of person I would like to be?

After reading a lot of articles and deep thinking. I believe I have the answer to that question for now.

Who do I want to be? And why do I decide to be this kind of person right now?

It is…


I realize that I care so much bout her because I see myself when I was younger in her. I realize that most peoples I help are who I see myself in when I was younger. By being that kind of person, there is a guarantee for maximum fulfillment in what you are doing because you can feel their pain and they do feel it too.

That could be your mission in life.

If you are used to hunger and poverty when you are young, be that person who could show others the way out of hunger and poverty.

If you are those who are constantly being in a household where there is a lack of caring and compassion from your parents, be that one girl or guy who gave caring and compassion to your kid.

Someday you will be more powerful, wiser, better, and smarter than you right now.

Yourself right now will be the younger you.

Regarding the life path you are going to make, ask this question to yourself:

“What kind of person you need right now in your life?”

Be that person, it gonna be good for yourself and those you love.

Sorry for being an asshole.

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